Our Top 10 Desserts To Celebrate International Chocolate Cake Day

Today is International Chocolate Cake Day and to celebrate this we have compiled a top 10 list of our delicious chocolate cakes and artisan desserts which are favourites with our Walsall and Wolverhampton customers.

We take great love and care in making high quality, delicious IGLU desserts which are homemade with fresh ingredients. Despite the lockdown we are open for both takeaway and no-contact delivery service, abiding by the highest safety standards and wearing appropriate PPE to help keep our customers and employees safe.

1. Chocolate Fudge Cake - £3.95

Our luxurious chocolate fudge cake is irresistible for any chocolate lover, the rich gooey consistency topped with mouth-watering chocolate frosting really makes this a delectable treat.

2. Chocolate Concrete Cake - £3.95

Take a trip down memory lane and try our classic concrete cake which will bring you back to your school days. This crunchy moreish chocolate cake sprinkled with sugar is an indulgent cake.

Not a chocolate cake fan?

For those who may not want something as rich or aren’t a fan of chocolate cake, we would recommend trying our less rich and lighter Red Velvet or Sponge cakes.

3. Red Velvet Cake - £3.95

Our heavenly sweet Red Velvet Cake with buttercream frosting is devilishly good, this unique cake looks wonderfully vibrant with its striking red colour.

4. Lemon Sponge – £3.95

Our light and airy sponge cake combined with fresh zesty lemon is sensational and something wonderfully tasty to brighten up anyone’s day.

5. Pear & Ginger Sponge - £3.95

A wonderful combination of the flavours of pear, warmly spiced with ginger makes this the perfect dessert for a cold winter’s day.

For those who want to have a cake alternative we would recommend trying our cookie dough, cheesecakes, eggless pancakes and eggless waffles.

6. Ferrero Cheesecake - £3.95

Our crispy hazelnut Ferrero Cheesecake is perfect for those with an insatiable appetite for Ferrero Rocher chocolates! The crispy biscuit base topped with crunchy nuts and Ferrero Rocher chocolates is wonderfully wicked and moreish dessert.

7. Aero Mint Cheesecake - £3. 95

Our aero mint chocolate cheesecake is delightful to those lovers of Aero chocolate and perfect for those who want a minty fresh flavour in their chocolate cheesecake.

8. Original Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - £5.50

Our divine original chocolate chip cookie dough topped with Nutella is a tasty treat, but may not be something you want to share!

At IGLU Desserts, we offer a unique range of eggless pancakes and waffles which are made without eggs but still utterly divine! Our range includes our classic original waffles and pancakes along with our more adventurous and indulgent range, generously coated with scrumptious toppings.

9. The IGLU Snowflake Waffle - £7.25

Perfect for the winter months we would recommend trying our IGLU Snowflake Waffle. This snowflake inspired coconut delight contains Rafello chocolate, coconut shavings, chocolate curls topped with Belgium white chocolate.

10. Easy Peasy Lemon Pancake - £4.25

The ultimate original pancake sprinkled with sugar and a squeeze of lemon is a perfect choice for any time of the day.

To order any of our delicious desserts, visit our website: www.igludesserts.com

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