Calling all our fellow Homer Simpsons! Here at IGLU Desserts we are always trying to create new fun ideas that taste delicious, and with our new Filled Doughnut, we think this is our best yet! However, these fun sweets have been through a long history with quite a few changes along the way, so let’s jump back and discover where it all started.

These perfect circular sweet treats have actually been around a lot longer than most would realise. The first doughnuts to be created were by Arab cooks in the Medieval times which consisted of small off cuts of yeasted dough, fried, and covered in sugar syrup. By the 1400’s the recipes had reached Europe and eventually Dutch settlers introduced the dessert to America.

Fun Fact: Before doughnuts got their name, the Dutch settlers had given them their own name and were known as Olykoeks, which translates to ‘oily cakes’.

Around the world there began to be endless combinations of the same base recipe, making it one of the most customizable and adaptable desserts that can suit any flavour. The first filled doughnut was created in Germany in the late 1500’s with sugary sweet jam and was named the Berliner, which has remained its name to this day.

The ring doughnut came much later and was actually a solution to a cooking issue. An American sailor, called Hanson Gregory found that with the new recipe that included egg, the ingredients became much stickier and wouldn’t cook all the way through the middle, leaving raw dough in the centre. Gregory took a small tin pot and removed the centre, therefore creating the ring doughnut.

Now many in years in the future we see versions of the original creation around the globe and here at IGLU Desserts we wanted to put our own spin on it. Our new range of Loaded Doughnuts come in multiple flavours and can be bought individually or in boxes of four, eight or twelve, so whether you’re treating yourself or want a selection to share, we have an option for you!

Within our range we have worked hard to make sure every taste bud is satisfied. We have the fruity options including white chocolate and raspberry or strawberry and Nutella, to the more indulgent recipes such as, the Ferrero Rocher or Biscoff filled, so every mood is catered for. Also, with the option to fill a box, you can choose a selection and mix and match to put together the ultimate sweet combination. We do also have the option for a special request, just send us a message with your order and we will do our best to make it happen.

Just like all of our other desserts, everything is prepared fresh in store so we can guarantee our top quality on every order. We take pride in our IGLU sticker of approval and will always make sure that every item we create is mouthwateringly perfect!

Check out our menu and discover all of the delightful desserts we have available.

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