Date Night Desserts

Here at IGLU Desserts we make treats for every occasion and date night is no exception. Whether it is for an anniversary or just a movie night together, we have something to suit everyone. We have put together some of our top choices that will elevate your cosy evening and trust us, there is something for every sweet tooth.

First up we have our individual cheesecakes; these come in many different flavours, so if you prefer the caramel infused Biscoff topping or a classic of raspberry and white chocolate, both of you can find a flavour that will top off your date night. We love these for a dinner date as they add a touch of decadence to the evening, a beautifully topped individual pudding is the best way to end your evening meal together.

Next up we have the couple that wants to share but doesn’t agree on one flavour, so here at IGLU we have made it easy; our 50/50 waffle is ideal for those that like flavour mix ups, or just don’t share the same tastes. Why not try a bit of chocolate indulgence on one side mixed with a fruity favourite on the other? With this choice you can create any custom combination you like, just remember sharing is caring!

Now who loves a movie night? Silly question we know, and although the crunchy popcorn is always a great addition, a bit of an upgrade to a classic set up could make your next movie marathon the best one yet, so we have decided the best way to top off the treat selection is our gelato infused milkshakes. You can keep it simple with a classic strawberry shake or try something different like our Jammy Dodger mix. With so many flavours to explore, you’ll be scheduling film nights every week.

Now what about something fruity and refreshing? Our mocktails are a date night must! These colourful drinks are a fun extra to your evening and pair perfectly with a bowl of creamy gelato. You can pick from the sweetest bubblegum infusion to a tangy cherry hit, but we guarantee you will find something to suit your taste.

Finally for some ultimate indulgence. Our brand-new filled doughnuts are the dessert of dreams and with so many options, a single doughnut doesn’t seem quite enough, but don’t worry boxes of four, eight and twelve are available! With combinations of Aero & Nutella, Oreo & white chocolate, strawberry & Nutella and so many more, we would make these a date night essential.

All of our desserts are made fresh in house, and we pride ourselves on providing the best quality ingredients to produce the most delicious desserts for every occasion. We are constantly adding new inventions to our menu so follow us on our social medias to keep up to date with the next drool inducing puddings we bring out next!

Check out our menu and plan what you will be ordering for your next evening in together.

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