Childhood Favourites Bought To You By IGLU Desserts

When searching for a sweet treat, a sprinkle of nostalgia is a topping that always goes down well.

At IGLU Desserts we have a huge array of choices on our menu, but today we have hand picked the items that remind us of those childhood favourites.

First up is the Billionaire Bubblegum Baller Waffle, because that blue bubblegum ice cream is that nineties throwback we all need in our dessert!

The waffle is topped with marshmallows, bubblegum and raspberry sauces, 100/1000’s and a scoop of bubblegum gelato.

Next, we have the Jammy Dodger Shake, a milkshake based on the biscuit that would be the treat in your lunchbox, has been blended with strawberry and vanilla gelato, topped with raspberry sauce, whipped cream and biscuit crumb.

Knickerbocker Glory Sundae – need we say anymore?

This throwback icon with the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice creams mix, will send you back to your summer days running around with friends. The sundae is topped with strawberry sauce, various fresh fruits and whipped cream.

Now for the Sunday dinner dessert, but with a twist – the Apple Crumbler Pancake, is a mix of diced apple pieces in sauce, custard and cookie crumble pieces. Making a classic home comfort available 7 days a week.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a throwback if we didn’t mention sprinkles!

These multicoloured sweets make the perfect topping for a classic sponge cake, and with all the childhood birthday parties coming back to you, why not grab yourself a slice and maybe bring out a game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ whilst you are at it.

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